Oral Care and the Elderly: 4 Tips

Advancing in age can be hard on a body and the mouth, senior patients often struggle with their oral health and care. There are several ways you can assist your senior family members with their oral care. It is important to make sure their dentist knows all medications and symptoms they are having as well….Read More

4 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Mouth During Sports

Sports are great for kids they help build confidence, build team working skills, and help your child be healthy. Sports are great to get your child involved in most teams require safety gear and training for your child, a lot of sports do not require or provide mouth protection during sports. Have no fears there…Read More

Surprising Foods That are Actually Good for your Teeth

We all know that some foods are bad for our teeth: soda, candy, and ice, for example. While avoiding these foods is critical to dental health, it’s also wise to get acquainted with the foods that are good for your teeth, and eat more of those. Fortunately, there are dozens of tooth-healthy food options out…Read More