5 Health Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

Straight teeth are beautiful, but did you know that they also present some serious health benefits? From reducing your risk of contracting heart disease to improving your mindset, straight teeth can do a lot more than just make your selfie smile as stunning as possible. Here are five surprising health benefits of having straight teeth:…Read More

Do Your Painful Headaches Have a Dental Cause?

If you’ve ever experienced a nagging, painful headache, you know how frustrating the experience can be. When the discomfort doesn’t go away, it becomes difficult to get much of anything done. Sleeping is hard, talking hurts, working on your computer can be excruciating, and just going through the motions of daily life can suddenly become…Read More

How to Protect Your Face While Playing Sports

If you play football, soccer, hockey, or any other contact sport, you know that the attitude surrounding these high-intensity activities has changed in recent years. In football, specifically, protection has become the priority. Today, athletic trainers want to make sure that their athletes are adequately protected, and that the delicate areas of the face and…Read More

Sensitive Teeth and Whitening: What you Need to Know

No matter what kind of teeth whitening product you use, you’re at risk of encountering some type of dental sensitivity afterward. This is true even for people who have healthy, strong teeth and get them whitened at a dentist’s office. Unfortunately, tooth sensitivity is just a part of whitening and can lead to discomfort for…Read More